Enrolled Nurse Nursing Practice (Part 2)

$4,700.00 NZD + GST
Inhouse Cohort Accommodation
$700.00 NZD

Inhouse Cohort Accommodation

Welcome to the exclusive on-site accommodation for participants of LEC's in-house cohorts!

When you secure a spot in our Cohort, you'll have the option to enhance your experience by choosing our convenient on-site accommodation. We offer comfortable double and triple rooms, creating a conducive environment for focused learning and collaborative efforts.

Living on-site goes beyond having a place to stay; it's an opportunity to cultivate a supportive community with your fellow CAP candidates. Engage in collaborative efforts, share skills, and tap into a collective pool of knowledge as you progress through your CAP programme.

To simplify the process, accommodation payments can be conveniently handled online when you confirm your space in the cohort.

Please be aware that our accommodation is exclusively reserved for CAP candidates enrolled in LEC's in-house cohorts. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate family members, as our facilities are designed to enhance the experience for individuals completing their Cohort CAP programme.

New Zealand Specific Nursing Theory (Part 1)

$3,600.00 NZD

Before you start caring for patients in New Zealand we need to test your newly acquired New Zealand specific nursing theory.

New Zealand Nursing Practice (Part 2)

$4,700.00 NZD + GST

Preceptor training for Registered Nurses

$150.00 NZD + GST


Enrolled Nurse NZ Specific Nursing Theory (Part 1)

$3,600.00 NZD